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July 10, 2013

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An Ode to Blue Dress Shoes

I have said it at least once and I will most likely say it at least a million times more, but the simple fact is that blue dress shoes (for me) remain the most underutilized option in the footwear industry. While certain shades of blue can pose as a bit over the top, I really don’t see how a dark navy or even that Edward Green spectator (below) would be seen as any more ostentatious than say a tan dress shoe? The contrast is in fact, far more great in a tan shoe with navy suit than it is with a navy shoe on navy suit? So why the hesitation towards blue dress shoes? It makes me think about who laid the ground-rules to what should and what should not be when it comes to shades of shoes. Why was dark navy not ever put into place as ‘acceptable?’ A dark navy can be easily mistaken for a black shoe, which means that it is dark enough to be passed off as “corporate” or “professional.” But yet, people shy away from it like they do a 15 hour flight. But why??? Psychology is an interesting thing and I bet it has an answer here, but since I am not psychologist, all I can do is hope to rub off a bit on all of you in the hopes to see more of you buying blue dress, like all of these gentlemen did!!

Pictures Courtesy of En Grande Pompe

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