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July 23, 2013

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J.FitzPatrick Spring/Summer Now in Stock

So needless to say it’s been quite a learning experience understanding the ropes of turnaround/replenishment times from the day that I place an order to the day that I receive the order in full. Some things come as quick as 6-8 weeks, others as slow as 8-14 weeks. It can be quite frustrating at times, but I believe that the new found delay has been due to a more strict quality control put in place at the factory. Which means that instead of sending me a 2nd (or worse), they will bin it at the factory and remake me the shoe. However, this then causes delays, especially if a lot of shoes need to be re-made. But nevertheless, it is still Summer, particularly here in London with this horrible heat wave that we are experiencing, which means there is no better time to get a new pair of loafers! 😉

As you can see my new loafers are all cousins to my Laurelhurst loafer, being on the same exact pattern and last, only changing details like a tassel, material or sole. The suede tassel loafer is called the Ravenna and it currently comes in two colorways: snuff & navy suede. The sole is made of rubber, but still welted like my leather shoes. The rubber sole however is thin, allowing for a profile of a leather sole, and thus being able to wear in a smart manner. The denim loafer with leather sole is called the Laurelhurst II and is currently a limited edition shoe (depending on how well it does!), with only 10 pairs in stock. Unfortunately I was not able to do size UK12 (US13) in these models as money was a bit tight when placing the order. So they only go up to UK11 (US12). They are all available at Gieves & Hawkes and will also be available through my company via Paypal, by emailing me, should you live outside of London and wish to obtain a pair. The prices are 295 for the Ravenna in suede and 285 for the Laurelhurst II in denim.

I have always been more of an A/W man myself. I like the idea of heavy things i.e. flannels, layering one’s clothing, overcoats, boots etc.. That being you can see that my new summer collection is quite small, but tomorrow I will be at my factory to place my order for my A/W collection (set to arrive Nov/Dec). This order will be a big one, mainly replacing most of what I have currently on sale, that being a few new boots, a new oxford brogue on a new last, some new colorways on existing models and even possibly something else up my sleeve…. So, enjoy the loafers now and stay tuned for more!!

On another note, Edward Green has teamed up with Drakes and Mackintosh to have another summer sample sale with product going out the door for up to 70% off. It starts tomorrow so get there early before all of the good stuff goes!! Check out the mail out below:

The Haberdashers' sale - up to 70% off

Edward Green are joining together with Drake’s and Mackintosh for a special sample sale this week in Hoxton.

It’s always a pleasure working with such icons of British menswear, particularly so given the pop-up will be in Drake’s new workshop.

This is an opportunity to choose from the stock normally available at our own Northampton factory shop. Shoes will be selling at significant reductions – up to 70% off normal retail. There is a wide variety of shoes available, as we clear good quality odd and imperfect stock.

Of course there will be a wonderful range of ties, scarves, shirts and coats available from Drake’s and Mackintosh.

Make sure to pay a visit – this really will be the sale of the year for London’s sartorialists.

3 Haberdasher Street, N1 6ED
Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th July
Wed. 10- 8pm | Thurs. – Sat. 12-6pm

Maximum of five pairs per customer. Personal shoppers only.
No shoes can be sent out. Cards are welcome. No returns will be accepted.

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