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August 8, 2013

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Wildsmith Back in Action and Now Live!


Wildsmith, the name that for some reason makes me think of cowboy boots and that was once associated with some of the finest shoes around, has come back into the shoe industry, ready to take it by storm! While they used to be made by Edward Green before their closure some 30-40 years back, the current owners decided to change things up a bit by creating a more competitive and affordable price-point, ranging between 335-365 and thus taking the production to Alfred Sargent. With what looks to be a handgrade construction, I would venture to say that the price is highly advantageous in the customer’s ability to get good price vs. quality.

While the collection is new and thus still quite small, I really look forward to seeing what they can come up with design-wise in the future, and how they will set themselves apart from the likes of C&J and thus live up to the ever-strong name known as Wildsmith…… Only time will tell…but so far, so good!

grovesnor-blue-wildsmith 1 trinity-oak-Wildsmith saddle loafer covent-derby-brown-Wildsmith-brogue covent-mahogany-Wildsmith