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August 13, 2013

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Zonkey Boot Jodhpur

Zonkey Boot JodhpurI have always liked the idea of but have never really took the plunge into them. Thinking about it, the only boots that I really every like on my own foot are ones with laces, like chukka’s, balmoral/oxford boots or darby boots. It’s weird how you will like the look of something on other people or in picture etc, but then when you give it a go for yourself, it becomes a whole other story. Take this brown jodhpur by Zonkey Boot for example. It look lovely in the picture and gives the aura of something that I would like to own, but I would be very surprised if I felt the same after trying it on.

Who knows, maybe the perfect boot has simply not come along, maybe this is it? Either way, it’s looks beautiful in the picture! The green number on the other hand is quite an eyeful. Not sure if I would have the guts to wear that. Sure I would I try, but not on a regular basis. But it’s to appreciate and is definitely eye-catching. I must say though that for those of you who really fancy it and might try to inquire, that it is not actually something that will be made up. It was a special one off and they have told me that it will be left at that….but who knows, maybe it can give you inspiration for something else….

Zonkey Boot Jodhpur

Zonkey Boot Jodhpur


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