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September 17, 2013

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Gaziano & Girling coming to America!

Gaziano & Girling Wigmore


Gaziano & Girling are hitting the States for the bi-annual trip to take orders on bespoke and MTO requests. So if you are interested in their illustrious product and fancy trying a pair out, make sure you find yourself at one of these locations, listed below. And simply feast your eyes on the capabilities that they possess!!

Autumn 2013 USA and Canada Exhibition


Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling are delighted to inform you that we will be visiting the United States of America and Canada with our Autumn 2013 Made-to-Order and Bespoke exhibition.


If you are interested in making an appointment for the dates below please contact Tony Gaziano or Dean Girling. By e-mail – call +44 1536 511022 or call +44 1603 434949. If you are interested in calling by on the day, please contact the hotel asking to be put through to our room.




San Francisco

Wilkes Bashford (please contact Wilkes Bashford for an appointment) email

375 Sutter Street

CA 94304

Tel:   415 986 4380

Friday 27th September 10am – 6pm


The Huntington Hotel (Bespoke and Ready to Wear) email

1075 California Street

Nob Hill

CA 94108

Tel:   415 474 5400

Saturday 28th September 9am – 6pm


New York

Leffot  (please contact Steven Taffel for an appointment) email

10 Christopher Street

New York

NY 10014

Tel:   212 989 457

Monday 30th September 10am – 6pm


The Benjamin Hotel (Bespoke and Ready to Wear) email

125 East 50th Street

New York

NY 10022

Tel:   212 715 2500 or 1-866-222-BENJ

Tuesday 1st October 9am – 6pm

Wednesday 2nd October 9am – 12 noon



LeatherFoot (please contact LeatherFoot for an appointment) email

24 Bellair Street (Yorkville)

Toronto, Ontario

M5R 2C7

Tel:  1-855-967- FOOT (3668)

Thursday 3rd October 10am – 7pm

(Several pictures courtesy of

 G&G circle G&G St. James suede DSC_0009-500x332 leffot DSC_00013-474x332 leffot Gaziano & Girling regency snuff suede Gaziano & Girling wigmore in blue bespoke alligator whole cut G&G

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