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September 12, 2013

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Saint Crispins’ MTO’s = AMAZING!!

Saint Crispins' MTO's = AMAZING!!

The shoes shown in these pics here present some of the most vivid colors that I have ever seen on footwear outside of a professional patina, particularly that blue one as well as the wingtip loafer below. That’s one thing that I have always loved about Saint Crispins: their use of color, as well as how often they maintain the natural color of the stitching on the welt. When I saw these pics, I simply fell in love, which should be no surprise seeing as how I am such a sucker for two tones, and blue shoes! I am always excited to see their new styles but even more so, the MTO’s that customers make as they always seem to be amongst the more colorful and unique shoes that I see around. It’s quite interesting to see which customers are attracted to which brands and thus what they make out of that relationship. But it would almost appear that those that love and purchase Saint Crispins, are amongst the most daring shoe lovers around!

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Saint Crispins' MTO's = AMAZING!!



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