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September 19, 2013

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Simple Elegance by Aubercy

Aubercy brown cap toe

This is probably the most beautiful simple shoe that I have ever seen. It’s just so elegantly plain, but has all of the little details that make it stand out from all of the other plain cap toe oxfords (those being shape, toe, construction, color etc.). And that is one thing that I love about Aubercy: their ability to make boring shoes look amazing! The pair that I have from them is a very simple black whole-cut oxford, but just has these subtle details that separate them from the rest, not to mention the amazing comfort that they provide me. And I cherish them for that simple, understated elegance. It therefore kills me to know that they (Aubercy) are so off the global radar of shoe aficionados and thus from the attention that they truly deserve as brilliant shoemakers. I personally rate them as one of the best shoe brands out there. Without a doubt they are the best blake stitched shoes, ever! Hopefully one day they will achieve the glory that they deserve as I would be very happy to see more men out there with beautifully elegant models such as this!


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