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September 11, 2013

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Where is Barker Black?

Where is Barker Black?

It’s always exciting when a promising new brand comes about and starts doing things a little bit differently, yet still maintains a bit of classical elegance. Barker Black, for me, was just that and still very much is to this day. The only problem is that I don’t feel that they are making much headway in the industry, as I never really hear anything about them. I have only seen them stocked at Neiman Marcus (but have read of others) and have really only seen them in person twice in my entire life. I have always admired them in picture, not only for their beautifully shaped lasts, but more so for their amazing design. I had hoped that with their fresh ideas of design and detail that they would exceptionally set themselves apart from the masses that at the time (they launched in 2005) were full of drab and monotony and thus become major players in the industry. But I guess that today is a new day, full of companies trying to do just that: set themselves apart. And at a price-point of around £500-£600, one limits his client base, which makes it harder to compete. Nevertheless, I hope that I continue to see more of them as I do truly appreciate the unique models that they come out with!

Where is Barker Black? Where is Barker Black? Where is Barker Black?


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