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October 23, 2013

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Red Brogues by VASS

Red Brogues by VASS

I really love seeing red leather because it looks so nice in pictures, particularly when it gives you the impression of being subtle even though it is a bold red. That´s the impression that these beauties give me. They don´t scream out at you like one might perceive if you said ¨my red ,¨ but rather maintain an air of simplistic elegance about them even though red is a color that would be described as anything but subtle or simplistic. That´s why I love seeing all the stuff that does, same as Saint Crispins, because more likely than not what you see is going to be something that no one else is doing. Storm welted red ….who the heck else is doing those? NO ONE!! And that is what I love, because it is too easy to do things that are simple and don´t take any thought. But daring to do things that take one´s imagination to perceive it as it has never been done before is what I respect….(or at least not shown on the web – not accounting for bespoke, which we don´t all see). Either way, this is a beautiful shoe and I hope that the owner rocks them hard!

Photo courtesy of Style Forum


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