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November 16, 2013

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Edward Green Hove – A Great Single Monk!

Edward Green Hove - A Great Single Monk!

I hope that you guys can appreciate me posting on my trip as I am getting so frustrated using WordPress on my Samsung tablet. It’s taken me about 20 minutes just to get this far!! Tablets suck for doing blogs and uploading images!!! Urghhhhhh!! Okay enough venting…..

So I have recently been seeing this lovely brogued single monk by popping up all over the internet. I have always liked this model as it really differentiates itself from the rest of the monks out there that all seem to look relatively alike. But EG definitely made sure that with this one, they were separating themselves from the pack and even more impressive is all the shades of blue/grey that have sprouting up. Of course the top one is an MTO made by one daring client of in NYC. That guy seems to think just like me as grey and blue together are as about as good as it gets for me….actually just commissioned a patina from Alexander the Great in those two colors….but thats another story to come. At the bottom end of the post, and even more impressive (not for the colors but more for the fact that it is RTW) is this midnight version that is currently being offered by in Hawaii. Always good to see a shop take a chance with something a bit more daring and unique. I only hope that they do well with it, but I am sure that it won’t be a problem with how lovely they are!

Anyway, enjoying my time here in Toronto having had a good day yesterday meeting many of my supporters. I do thank all those that managed to come out and support the brand and I look forward to meeting those that able to come today. Just remember that I know that without all of you none of this would have been posible for me, so I cant express enough how appreciative I am of all of your support, whether or not you buy my shoes or simply read the blog. It all means a lot!

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Edward Green Hove - A Great Single Monk!

Edward Green Hove for Leather Soul

Edward Green Hove - A Great Single Monk!

Edward Green Hove for Leather Soul


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