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December 26, 2013

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An Alternative Co-Respondent (Spectator) by Antonio Pio Mele


I do love a two tone shoe, that’s no secret. I do also love a traditional co-respondent (spectator) as well. The problem is that too often the co-respondent is the version that everyone goes for when thinking of a proper two toned shoe. But what about the person that wants that feel but not necessarily the traditional 5 piece full brogue or 4 piece adelaide? What do they do? Well, usually it involves going MTO, which is most likely always going to be the case and even though this shoe is no exception it sure is nice to see something here that is a bit different, courtesy of Mr. .  Signore Mele is a bespoke shoemaker out of Milan, Italy for those that are not yet clued up, which I can imagine would the majority as he still does not have a website of his own….a true artisan of the 20th century! Either way, if you are ever in Milan and fancy seeing some beautiful shoes such as this lovely, I suggest you look him up via the countless blogs that have written about him. And if you are feeling bold, maybe you can spruce up your wardrobe with a co-respondent that you can bet, no one else will have!

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas/Day Off (for those that don’t celebrate) and are getting ready for a brilliant New Year!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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