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January 31, 2014

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My Transition to Timothy Everest/Website Launch

My Transition to Timothy Everest/Website Launch

Bespoke Elder St. London


On January 18th, I kind of just disappeared off the face of the Earth (in London) as it was my last day at Gieves & Hawkes. The day after, it was as if I had never even existed. I am sure that some of you have gone in there to find that there is now just an empty desk with G&H memorabilia on it, that was once my station. It was a good run while it lasted but like all good things they must come to an end. But transition in life and business, for me, is good and hopefully the transition always equals progression. And that is what I am attempting. That being, while my time at G&H was fantastic for building my reputation as a shoe shine extraordinaire and having a station that all of you could come to in order to say hello or drop your shoes off, the simple fact is that since my shoe line has dropped the shoe shining business has weighed me down from focusing more on my company. Therefore it was time for a change.

My Transition to Timothy Everest/Website LaunchThis change involves several things. First and foremost, I will be moving my business (the shoe and accessory ranges) to a new home, Timothy Everest. The shoe shine business will not follow however. Now, Timothy Everest has two shops: his bespoke house (where I and the shoe & accessory ranges will be located) at 32 Elder St. (near Liverpool st. Station) as well as his RTW shop on Bruton Place (just off of Berkeley Square – Mayfair). The Bruton Place location will (at some point in the near future) have a small capsule collection of my shoes & accessories, but the main hub of my presence will be at the Elder st. location.

From February 10th onwards, you will thus be able to find me there. However, one must realize that Timothy Everest is a bit different than Gieves & Hawkes. The bespoke house is usually run on an appointment basis for their clients, but this will not be the case for people who wish to come to see me, the shoes or the accessories. You will be able to simply come at your leisure. But the entry does require ringing a bell and I hope that this does not intimidate anyone. Please do come visit as if it was still G&H.

My Transition to Timothy Everest/Website Launch

Rainier in Burgundy Calf & Navy Suede

My Transition to Timothy Everest/Website Launch

Rainier in Burgundy Calf & Navy Suede

The second part of this equation is that in March I will be finally launching an ecommerce site for . That being, all of you whom have wanted to get a pair of shoes without having to email me up to do so, will finally be able to get a pair with only a couple of clicks on the computer. The launching of the site will also include the introduction to new models and new colorways of existing models, such as this Rainier above and new Tacoma model below. Among these will be a new single monk strap (Fauntleroy) coming in black box calf and another in dark brown suede as well as a few new colorways in other existing models (the Wallingford being one of them!). These two things for me equal exciting times for the company and hopefully something for a few of you to look forward to. Be on the look out too, as around the time that the website launches will be the point in which I start the upcoming contests to win free shoes!

On this same note, I have started a Facebook and Twitter page for J.FitzPatrick Footwear. I will leave the links below for those of you that like to use those platforms of social media to stay up to date.

On the last note, today is the last day (ending Pacific Standard Time 12:00am tonight) that my offer for Free Worldwide Shipping on my Shoe Snob Exclusives will be in effect, so if you fancied one of them, best to act fast.

Wishing you all a great weekend and look forward to seeing you at Timothy Everest!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


My Transition to Timothy Everest/Website Launch

J.FitzPatrick “Tacoma” model


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