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January 8, 2014

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Rudolf/Markus Scheer Shoes

Rudolf/Markus Scheer Shoes

Pictures courtesy of Peter Rigaud

There is definitely no shortage of in the world, that’s for sure. One that I have yet to talk about but that definitely deserves attention is that of Rudolf Scheer & Sons, who I believe is now headed by one of those sons (grandsons to be exact!), whose name is Markus. The Austrian shoemakers have been making shoes since the early 1800’s, which if you start to ponder will you thus realize is actually older than many of the world famous British shoemakers of today. Yet how many of you know about them? Probably not a lot and this simple fact always makes me curious as to why? Why did Britain (whom of course makes fantastic shoes) become so much more popular than many of their European relatives? Most like because of their boom in the industrialization of shoes, but since I am not a historian, that is just wild guesses flying off of the tongue. Either way, it’s nice to see that many of these less known shoemakers have managed to keep about and do so making beautiful and unique shoes, such as these lovely canvas ones shown. That being, if you are ever in Vienna give them a check for yourself, just don’t be surprised if you come out a bit lighter in the pocket!

Rudolf/Markus Scheer Shoes Rudolf/Markus Scheer Shoes


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