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January 9, 2014

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The U-Cap Brogue

Edward Green for Ralph Lauren Uptwon Dandy blog

Picture courtesy of An Uptown Dandy

Why did the U-cap not ever become popular? I mean, in theory, it is not as conventional as a cap toe but is less risky/fancy than a wingtip (aesthetically speaking). Yet how often do you see them? Hardly ever. I think that I can count on one hand how many makers that I have seen use one in their collection: VASS, Carmina (by special request for, Edward Green (below) and this Ralph Lauren (above, by Edward Green) and I believe Cleverley did one in a loafer form. It’s a question that I ask myself, ‘why do I not see more of this?’ I have done it with Balmoral boots, have done it with burgundy shoes, have done it with Saddle shoes (in a dressy form) and now the U-cap. The more questions I find, the more inclined that I am to try and revive the lacking model in question. And so far, I feel that my attempt has been okay. I have sold a good amount of Balmoral boots and Saddle Shoes, just need to work on those burgundy ones and now this U-cap! Either way, it’s refreshing to see other’s giving it a shot, even if it is just for one season. It at least means that people are getting them and brands are thinking about them. Here’s to more of the U-cap in 2014.

Edward Green

Edward Green picture courtesy of Leffot

my version (on different last) set to drop later this year

my version (on different last) set to drop later this year

j.fitzpatrick u-cap adelaide



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