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February 12, 2014

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A Fine Pair of Shoes’ New Range

A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range


Shoe and accessory retailer, A Fine Pair of Shoes, has entered into the shoe designing world, having recently made a few exclusive shoe designs under their own moniker. Being a heavy retailer of footwear, one can only imagine that the shoes are made by AS. A tidy collection of 4 models, I particularly like the fact that two of the four are blue and none of them, as one can see, are black (edit: was just informed that the are actually black an not blue…how silly do I feel?? Oh well, still cool with the contrast soles…but definitely look blue in the pics!!!). It’s not often that an English company designs/makes shoes and the majority are not black. So well played on them!

Being what looks like handcrafted construction, the shoes are come out at £390, which I would say looks like a good price. And the fact that they are a bit less than traditional in style makes me feel excited to see what they will come up next with. Who knows…maybe a few more exciting colors? After all, there is no shortage of black and brown shoes on their website!

A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range


A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range


A Fine Pair of Shoes' New Range




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