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February 27, 2014

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A Fringe done Differently by George Cleverley

A Fringe done Differently by George Cleverley

As I have said before, I always enjoy seeing new ways of executing existing ideas and usually the shoes that are able to be modified and customized the most, are those that are bespoke. This George Cleverley model, made out of the famed Russian Reindeer leather from 1786 that never seems to run out, exemplifies doing something different to what those have done before. Usually you find fringes with the gimped effect (those jagged teeth cut outs), but this one has simply a straight cut across the bottom, almost appearing to be skirt-like as opposed to a proper fringe. Also the fringe is concealing the laces where as it usually sticks out the top of the vamp’s opening from the facing thus extending to the toe box. I quite like how it just sits on top on the laces and presume that should one not like it, that it could be removed. Either way, it’s uniquely different and I find it quite appealing. Now just imagine it in a burgundy!

A Fringe done Differently by George Cleverley


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