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March 19, 2014

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Foster & Son’s New Antiquing Option


One of Foster & Son’s claim to fame apart from the legendary last maker, Mr. Terry Moore, was their amazing archival collection of bespoke samples. And what was so cool about these old samples was the fact that many of them had sat in a shop window for so long that the leather became naturally bleached from all of the years of exposure to the sun. It was such a beautifully muddled look that it soon became a frequent request by the customers. Not having thought much of it apparently, F&S did not really have a system put in place to accommodate these requests until just recently.

That being, one can now ask for it to be done on any of their black shoe models. And as you can see from the pictures presented, this is the end result. To get it done there is an surcharge of £125. For example the shoe presented costs £725 with the lasted shoe tree included but then comes to a total of £850 should one also want the antique finishing added. The shoes are of handgrade construction and to a very good caliber of making. The pictures unfortunately to do not do justice to the beauty of the work done and I must say that I was quite impressed with the overall finish. It definitely is something that I would be pleased to strut around town!

Foster & Son Oxfords Antique Foster & Son Oxfords Antique Foster & Son Oxfords Antique Foster & Son Oxfords Antique


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