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March 13, 2014

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Yanko Shoes – Yet Another Spanish Shoemaker

Yanko Shoes - Yet Another Spanish Shoemaker

While I don’t know the exact history of the Yanko origin, from what I have quickly gathered on the world wide web is that they are yet another spin off of the once great family. For those that may not be in the know the family is one of the oldest and most famous shoemakers coming out of Spain, specifically Palma de Mallorca. Once having their own branded shoes, they apparently broke up to create 3 brands: , and . However, I do know that they are no longer associated with the name. While I have no personal experience with brand, I can say that from the pictures they look to be of good quality, selling at retail price that puts them between the likes of their two relatives, Carmina and Meermin. I love the image of the brogue above and quite fancy the color combination of the balmoral boot below and if their shoes are as good as they look, well then I dare say that there is another contender in the ring!

Yanko Shoes - Yet Another Spanish Shoemaker


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