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April 15, 2014

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What Are People Thinking??

What Are People Thinking??

I sit on the tube day after day staring either at my phone (doing emails of course!) or looking at people’s feet. Most of the time, I am praying that I see a pair of shoes that blows me away, but after having taken about 7000 tube journeys (and yet to see one), I think that I might have to give up on that one! What I mainly see is probably a mixture of the most horrible shoes on the planet, on a constant basis. Every now and then, I see a smart gent wearing a pair of Crockett’s, Church’s, Cheaney’s or good Loakes but more often than not, I see all these guys wearing less than £100 plastic looking, turned-up-nose pinkle wickers that make me want to vomit. And these are guys from The City earning at least £50K a year, quite possibly a lot more.

What Are People Thinking??

Now I don’t like the Loake below, but it is at least 10 million times better than the above. I would rather go barefoot than wear the black shoes above. Yet I bet you that this is the most common shoe in London… sad as that is….

What Are People Thinking??

Now in reality I don’t really care about what people wear. Certain things do make me cringe but that is natural. Sure I want to see men wearing better shoes, but only those that actually care about it and are interested in being smart (genuinely). Now I don’t claim to be the most stylish man in the world, but I do feel that at least I have more days than not that I look smart (some days it was like I was dressing drunk or something – blame that on the pressure of life!). But what really kills me and inspired me to write this are the guys out there that think that they are the most stylish thing since John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but are wearing these shoes that make them look like they just came out of (equivalent of Payless Shoe Source) and went for the two for one special on plastic dress shoe rubbish.  They always have turned up elves toes, points that could put out an eye and leather that was really made from recycled Coke bottles and styrofoam. And what they don’t realize is that these shoes make them look anything but stylish…

What Are People Thinking??

Really?? I don’t know how the makers of these shoes can be proud of this rubbish….

What I probably spend too much time thinking is ‘why don’t these guys just spend double,’ from £100 to £200, to least get a pair of shoes that has proper shape and made from real leather?? WHY??? Why is it that so little importance is put on the shoe when it is in fact the most important part of your outfit. This will always boggle me until society has changed, which sadly enough might not be until the end of time. What’s even worse, is that I ask myself, is this simply not common sense? But I guess that it is not really. Even when I see celebrities that are styled up by so-called stylists, they too are wearing that horrible designer, turned up nose rubbish made from shiny bookbinder leather. It’s crazy. And I guess that most these guys see this and think it’s cool. Therefore actually being stylish must be un-cool? Either way, this needed to get off the chest. If you have a friend that fits the description in my second paragraph, please pass this on.

By the way, for those of you that missed yesterday’s post, please give it a look as I am giving away a few things in a contest, one of which is a pair of shoes!

Note: Everything stated in this post is an opinion and not fact.


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