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May 21, 2014

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Spring Boots by Meermin

Spring Boots by Meermin



It always makes me curious why people will pack away their “winter attire” come Spring/Summer. I guess it makes sense if you live in a place that is +30 C (+80F) for 5-6 months long but when you live in a city that has moderate to terrible weather, as I always have, it does not make sense. That being, I have never packed my away and don’t think it makes sense to anyway. Just because the sun is out does not mean that we should only wear loafers. That’s silly to me. A pair of nice, tan such as these Meermin’s would look great on a nice summer day underneath a pair of jeans. Why wouldn’t they? As long as something is fully leather lined, your feet will breath and after all, your feet are going to sweat just as much in those loafers anyway! So, don’t follow the silly rules of packing your boots away come Spring, instead get a pair of boots that you can wear when you are bored of your “summer” !


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