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June 2, 2014

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The New Trend = Museum Calf

It’s always interesting (and fascinating) to see what the latest trend in the shoe industry is. The last big one was the craze of double monks and the next one that has already started showing it’s face in several places on the web is the idea of having every shade of color of leather in it’s own ‘Museum’ version. For those that might not understand what I mean when I say that, the term Museum was coined by John Lobb to describe a calf leather that had been pre-treated in order to obtain a marbled-like effect to it. In beginning, it was simply called ‘Museum calf’ and it came in this mid-dark brown shade. However, it is a whole other ball game now and I think that there aren’t many shades that soon won’t have their own museum version.

Gold Museum by Lobb

Lobb, Gold Museum by Lobb

dark brown and plum Museum calf

Lobb, dark brown and plum Museum calf

Brooksland John Lobb The Shoe Aristocrat

Lobb, courtesy of The Shoe Aristocat

Funny enough the traditional Museum calf had been around a long time before anyone else started to offer it under the same name, but what is even more amusing is how this trend just caught on now, when Italian companies like Bontoni have been doing it for years (see directly below). But I guess that is the way of the world. Not only their leather, but John Lobb as a brand has also just recently become the newest “go-to” acquisition by the men’s shoe shops of the world, particularly North America. And maybe the very idea that they are kind of the pioneers to popularizing this leather. I believe that they have made it in about 6-7 different shade, ranging from Gold, Parisian Brown, Plum, Black all the way to Grey and a few more. I am just waiting to see it in green and blue, so who will be the ones to do it?

Bontoni, one of my favorite shoes ever...

Bontoni, one of my favorite shoes ever…

After Lobb’s popularity in it, it has become a shade/style of leather sought after by many other brands, such Meermin, George Cleverley, Kent Wang and a few others. And this I believe is only the beginning. But the question is how long will it last? 1 year? 2? Maybe forever! Who knows….I personally quite enjoy the leather as it has a lot of depth and gives a very unique and aged look. When you add a polish on top, it becomes even nicer as you can sometimes manipulate it with other colors in the lighter parts of the skin. I personally think that it would be lovely in a blue shade. But maybe that is just because blue is my favorite colors. Either way, it’s nice to see popping up everywhere, although I feel that like other trends that will become it’s downfall, the fact that soon it will no longer be special. But until that time, it’s nice to see it being done on more and more models in more and more colors…..

Meermin's Plum Museum

Meermin’s Plum Museum

Cleverley Bourbon Calf, what looks like a Museum type

Cleverley Bourbon Calf, what looks like a Museum type, courtesy of Leather Soul

Kent Wang in Museum calf, courtesy of Style Forum

Kent Wang in Museum calf, courtesy of Style Forum



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