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July 30, 2014

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Edward Green for Unipair

Edward Green for Unipair

I have explained the difference between a £400 and an £800 shoe, saying that in reality the leathers won’t be too far off (in the sense they could be the same, but high end shoes might only use the top of the 1st grade while lower priced might use lower end 1st and 2nd grade etc), the construction not too far off either (being welted, but more details), but one thing that we don’t realize is the fact that what we are also paying for is the quality of the workmanship/design etc. For example this pattern is not an easy one to get right and many makers have done it in their own version, but they don’t all come out the same.

For example, this Edward Green model, in colorways done for Unipair shop in Korea, shows how they nailed the pattern on the head. Church’s version (who I believe was the founding designer of this model) is not nearly as attractive. Could be that Prada has changed it since the original but in reality it has more to do with the quality of the making (i.e. lasting, last making, pattern understanding) than simply just the design of the style. This is one thing we forget to think about. When you look at this post on black cap toes, you see that as the shoes get more expensive, they tend to become more attractive too. That is from the quality of the manufacturing process, not just the materials….something we must remember on why nice shoes cost so much more….

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Edward Green for Unipair


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