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July 11, 2014

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The Ultimate Spectator by Gaziano & Girling


Picture courtesy of Leffot

I have always loved the Astaire by Gaziano & Girling. It is easily my favorite model of theirs, especially when done on the DG70 last, which of course is my favorite last. Now, when you think of a traditional spectator (co-respondent) it is either going to be in your classic black and white combination or a brown and white of some sorts. The bottom line is that the color white is usually the color of the vamp/quarters. When you get a bit more bold, one will start mixing up the colors, using blues/burgundys/greens etc. You will find that most colors will either complement each other or completely contrast each other. And that basically sums up every combination, so what I am getting at really? I guess what I am saying here is that this just might be one of the most complementing contrasts that I have ever seen. Who would have thought that burgundy and sand suede go so well together? Well, the owner of these puppies did, and boy was he right!!

Simply spectacular and bravo to the makers to always making beautiful shoes and even more so to the man that commissioned what are probably the nicest shoes I have seen this year!

G&G Astaire 2 G&G Astaire


  1. Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke
  2. Geo
  3. giorgio
  4. André Simha
  5. Leo
  6. Ken

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