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August 13, 2014

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Carreducker Goes For Blood (Red that is)!

Carreducker Bespoke Shoes
The idea of doing a red shoe has always been appealing to me. The execution of doing it is the hard part. Here Carreducker goes to show that it is in fact not that hard at all. You just have to do it! And boy is this one bright red. There is no mistaking that for burgundy or the likes. And while I have an attraction to it, I must admit that I would find it terribly difficult to wear. I mean I even made my own red shoe with white piping and while I think that it is extremely beautiful (as a piece of art), I find myself never wearing it, partly because the weather here rarely calls for it and the other part is because people start at me like a clown when I do. I have never been one to care much about what people think, but it just gets tiring you know, so I hung them up to eventually pass them on or break them out for special occasions. But it is nice to see a nice red shoe as they do have a certain allure to them.

On another note, James Ducker (one half of Carreducker) made himself this interesting derby model, the first shoe that he has made himself in like 10 years. If I was a bespoke shoemaker, I would at least be making myself a pair twice a year. But James is dedicated to his job and not selfishly waste his materials! (I am more selfish 🙂

Carreducker Bespoke Shoes Carreducker Bespoke Shoes side Carreducker Bespoke Shoes Carreducker Bespoke Shoes



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