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August 18, 2014

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The Seamless Wholecut by Maftei

Maftei Seamless Wholecut8

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The seamless wholecut is the like the unicorn of shoes. It’s not often seen and not made by many. And it has to be created by hand. At least for now it does until some intelligent shoemaker learns how to industrialize it. But I am not sure if that is going to happen any time soon. Either way, my good friend Jesper Ingevaldsson (of Shoegazing blog) just recently acquired a pair from the Romanian shoemaking house of Maftei. A lovely model for sure, with an immaculate patina on it, it’s no wonder that Jesper has been showing it on his Instragram account every other picture 🙂 Either way, it’s always nice to see evolution in footwear and unless I am wrong I don’t think that they were doing seamless wholcuts before too long ago (but I am probably wrong on that!) Anyway, Jesper was kind enough to document the making of his lovely pair of shoes, so if you are curious to see how they made that shoe without seams, check out his blog:

Maftei Seamless Wholecut1 Maftei Seamless Wholecut2 Maftei Seamless Wholecut3 Maftei Seamless Wholecut5 Maftei Seamless Wholecut6 Maftei Seamless Wholecut7 Maftei Seamless Wholecut4


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