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August 7, 2014

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Why Do Square Toes Still Exist?!!!

Why Do Square Toes Still Exist?!!!

The other day, I saw some of the worst square toed that I had seen in a while and it quite shocked me. You see, here in England (as I have said before) it is mainly the winklepickers (pointy ones that flair up at the toes like elf ) that you see and not so much the , as you would in the States. But I saw this hybrid square toe with the elongated beak that flared up like the winklepickers and I nearly had a stomach ache from viewing such a monstrosity! I had thought that after the few horrid years of them being in existence and plaguing the feet of men, that we somehow wised up and abolished them. Apparently I was terribly wrong. At least they are far less prevalent then before, but it still makes me wonder how people can purchase them. I mean, hey, I am not expecting everyone to shell out £300 for a pair of shoes, but even within the cheaper realms, there are at least classically elegant shapes. Extremes are simply never attractive, not when it comes to shape. Color maybe (or maybe that is just me!)…. But OFF with the already!!

Seriously, which looks better, above or below?? The one below is only a whopping £150, only about £50 more than your average junk shoe that most square toes/winklepickers are found on….. for only a few pounds more, one can have a good quality, good looking (maybe boring, yes, but at least not ugly), non-bookbinder leather dress shoe, thanks to Duggers of London.

Why Do Square Toes Still Exist?!!!


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