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October 8, 2014

£1000 Trainers by Berluti — Really??

£1000 Trainers by Berluti -- Really??

Picture courtesy of Berluti

With the introduction of these £1000 , (for me) has officially entered the realm of full on company and has completely left the idea of what it means to be classic (even classic with a twist). Don’t get me wrong, I like trainers and think that every man should have a “grown man” version (leather, minimalistic etc) in their closet but to charge £1000 for them is quite absurd. Now, I will go off and say that the amount of leather that is actually on this trainer is more than that of a dress shoe and keeping in tune with production costs, is probably aligned (justified) when compared to that of the production of a dress shoe. But then again, £1300 for one of their blake-stitched is a bit ridiculous in my mind too. But hey, that’s their prerogative. One thing that I do love about the French though, is their ability to create exclusivity and trick people into believing that this exclusivity coupled with the fact that it is French and expensive, means that it is worth every penny. So clever. But I guess the watch industry is like this too. You have to appreciate and respect clever marketing and few do it better than the French companies. Fair play. But £1000 ? That’s silly, just as all of Louboutin’s shoes for men are….


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