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October 9, 2014

Foster & Son Go Sexy!

Foster & Son Go Sexy!

If the ‘Mad Men’ series has taught us anything it is that sometimes an off-the-wall ad campaign that does what no one else is doing can sometimes reinvigorate your company’s image in the eyes of the consumers. And so Foster & Son is giving it a go by adding sexy appeal to their and . It’s not that they are fading or anything like that but in a saturated market, on a street where there are about 30 shoe shops in a 1km radius one can no longer rely on history to bring the clients in. You have to find new ones. I personally find it to be an interesting direction for London’s oldest (still operating) shoe company. It shows growth and the ability to step out of one’s comfort zone. Fair play to them, I respect it!

Their “Sloane” chelsea boot (for men) is shown


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