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October 31, 2014

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The Cordovan Loafer by Crockett & Jones

The Cordovan Loafer by Crockett & Jones

I have never personally understood the huge, cult-like appeal to . I mean, it shines really nice, lasts really long and is durable, but I guess for the upcharge that you have to pay to get all of that, I have never really thought twice about it. The only shoe that I have every fancied to have in is the classic loafer, whether it be a penny or tassel version. While you can get in an array of colors these days, I was always personally interested in the classic burgundy color. That was until I saw this navy blue one in the Crockett & Jones shop the other day. It blue (pun intended) me away big time. I could imagine myself living in that thing, even sleeping in it. But you know me, such a maniac for blue. Well done C&J for making this one. Another thing for me to be jealous of!!

Happy Halloween to all that celebrate it. For the rest, have a great weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

The Cordovan Loafer by Crockett & Jones


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