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October 16, 2014

Your Soles Soul

Your Soles Soul

I saw this picture and just loved it. As it came from Instagram with no real source, I could not find a better quality to it, but I thought that you would all appreciate it as it really shows just how different can be. These ones are all by Stefano Bemer and really reminded me of my time there and my inspecting of every shoe there was in the showroom. The rubber sole on the right is probably the hardest wearing sole I have ever encountered. I must have put about 500 miles on that thing (no joke, I used to walk a minimum of about 4 miles a day for 10 months while living in Florence…). But my favorite one was the one with the black waist and the criss-cross oval in the forefoot. So cool! Anyway, each sole has a soul, or at last was created by someone else’s soul and I always appreciate seeing the different ideas that people come up with to cover the most worn part of the shoe. Maybe you will now start to enjoy them as much as I do?…..

Until tomorrow,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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