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November 13, 2014

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Bespoke Berluti Saddle Loafers

Bespoke Berluti Saddle Loafers

As I said a few posts ago, the sweeping saddle loafer is making a comeback and this rendition is top of the line! It is no surprise however, as ’s bespoke is among the top even if their RTW is not. I have seen a few of the bespoke numbers in my time and they were nothing shy of excellent in every sense of the word. Take it even a step further when you hear that these were made by none other than Delos himself, who is hands down one of the best bespoke makers ever, if not THE best. Either way, I do really like the ol’ saddle loafer, particularly when it has a nice sweeping version such as this. Top it off with a lovely and you have the perfect shoe and one lucky customer sporting these on his feet! Lucky guy!


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