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November 26, 2014

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Button Boots at Leffot

Button Boots at Leffot
We all know how much of a sucker for I am, which is surprising that I still don’t have a pair. In due time though, in due time! Steven at Leffot was actually one of the first to offer the button boot on a RTW basis back when he stocked Aubercy in the early days. That sold out quick and it would appear that Steven went ahead and sourced some new ones, although this time by the recently popular Enzo Bonafe of Italy.  Coming in three classic colorways, the basics are being covered. But how nice would it be if one was to be in blue of some sorts? I would sure fancy it!! Happy shopping folks!Button Boots at Leffot Button Boots at Leffot Button Boots at Leffot



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