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December 17, 2014

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Antonio de Torres Upcoming Brand

Antonio de Torres7
A while back I wrote about a brand by the name of Massimo Ferrari (see review here) who was headed up by shoe designer Luis Antonio Torres. It would appear that since then, the direction of the company has changed and he is now dropping a new line with his name as the brand. Instead of going into all the details on here, I will pass you on to Claymoor’s list who did a big interview with Antonio, explaining it all (SEE HERE). Considering most of you come to see shoes, I thought that instead of a lot of writing, I would just leave you with a lot of pictures! Enjoy!

Antonio de Torres Antonio de Torres1 Antonio de Torres2 Antonio de Torres4 Antonio de Torres5 Antonio de Torres8 Antonio de Torres9 Antonio de Torres10 Antonio de Torres11 Antonio de Torres12 Antonio de Torres13 Antonio de Torres14 Antonio de Torres6 Antonio de Torres3


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