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December 8, 2014

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Boot Season is Back!

Edward Green, this and all of the others below too

Edward Green, this and all of the others below too

I am not sure that anyone can deny that Edward Green is the current reigning champ when it comes to having an awesome boot selection. The Galway alone (as shown above) is probably among the coolest boots ever, not to mention their balmoral offering of the Shannon. The only thing that they are really missing is a button boot, but somehow I doubt that they would ever go through the trouble of making one of those. Either way, their selection is always top notch and now that the weather is hitting below certain numbers, it’s time to keep those feet warm by breaking those boots out. And any one of these shown would do me just fine!

Pictures courtesy of Leffot, Leather Soul, & Style Forum

DSC_0037-499x332 leffot 100-381-produit_zoom cofsh1 LS DSC_00051-500x332 leffot nantucket102pe6 styleforum DSC_0028-500x332 leffot f0197582_22194729



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