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December 22, 2014

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Crockett & Jones MTO Boots!

Crockett & Jones MTO Boots!

A blog reader sent me a pair of his newly acquired Crockett & Jones MTO balmoral and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed as it reminded me of something that I would easily order myself. Not only is it burgundy, which is lovely on , but it has a great (and uncommon) tweed pattern. C&J doesn’t so much promote their MTO program so much but with their immense catalogue of styles and access to materials, one can only imagine the amount of options that can be created. And this boot is living proof of that, especially as this particular execution is quite different to their stock Sommerville pattern. Well done to the client for a great choice of footwear and to C&J for the wonderful execution of it!

Crockett & Jones MTO Boots! Crockett & Jones MTO Boots!

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