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December 12, 2014

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Herring Spectators – Perfect for Christmas!

Herring Spectators - Perfect for Christmas!

A good green suede can go a long way and this green suede just might be the best that I have yet to ever see. It’s the perfect blend between dark green, blue and emerald green and that is what I have always looked for. Funny thing is that I have yet to find it until now! Looks like I will be knocking on Herring’s door to see where they got it! Anyway, back to the . You don’t often think about pairing green and tan, but funny enough it goes quite well together. It’s contrast reminds me a bit of Christmas, or maybe it is just because we in are in the season. Had I see them in Spring, I might have thought about melon or something Summer like. Either way, their festive for me, but even more so just down-right cool! Now you will have to excuse me as I go contact !

Picture courtesy of my good friend Gui Bo who heads up Men Need More Style


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