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January 2, 2015

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Welcome to 2015! It’s Now “The Future”

Welcome to 2015! It's Now "The Future"

Button boot, courtesy of Parisian Gentleman


I remember watching movies in the 90’s that were set in and being a somewhat common date which truly marked the idea of “.” It looked like the Jetson’s in all of the films with hovering cars, futuristic-looking jumpsuits as everyday clothing and of course the most horrific footwear ever. Thankfully it still looks like the 90’s as far as urban planning goes, only that are buildings are a bit more cool and phones a lot more advanced and addicting. But footwear is better than ever in my opinion (style wise, not quality) and I hope that we never get to that Jetson’s futuristic look and simply lose all the sense of style that we ever had. Who know’s though? Maybe our children’s children will be wearing that crazy stuff. I am just happy that I am not as I still love my modern day clothing. Anyway, having stated my predictions in the last post, I truly look forward to seeing what really does come about this year and to see if anyone sets the path for a new ‘look’ or idea. I guess only time will tell though.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday period! Work commence’s soon and there will be some treats coming from us. Be on the look out.
Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


Welcome to 2015! It's Now "The Future"

A new shoe for S/S2015: The Wallingford II in burgundy on the MGF chisel last


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