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April 10, 2015

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Mauban – The New Parisian Brand To Watch Out For!



Here is yet another story of a young man with a dream to start his own shoe line and did what it took to get there. Edouard Quinchon, the man behind the brand and a young Parisian, was inspired by the personal shoes of his great-grandfather to create what seems to be a ‘old world’ style shoe collection, filled currently with a classic oxford and a very Victorian like balmoral boot. Starting off small, Edouard is already in plans to launch a new last and what I presume to also be new models of which I am excited to see. Having convinced one of the last artisanal shoe workshops left in France to help him realize his dreams, Mauban seems to keep up with the tradition of French excellence in design and quality. With attention to detail already being looked after, I very much look forward to watching this young brand grow.

Richelieu-Mauban-3000x2000 Semelle-Mauban-3000x2000 Interne-Bottine-Mauban-3000x2000

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