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April 8, 2015

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More Unique Than You’ve Ever Seen by Nicholas Cooper



You will either love this or hate it. Guaranteed. I on the other hand, don’t hate it or love it. But I do respect it for it’s originality and uniqueness and think that it is quite cool just for those reasons alone. I would not personally wear it myself but really appreciate the thought that went into not only this incredibly unique pattern but also the amazing color job done by Nicholas Cooper himself of Stamp Shoes. I think that these two colors are quick bard to get right and the transition from red to orange to yellow is simply fantastic. I applaud the brave man that wears these on the streets, particularly if it is here in England!!

DSCF4937 DSCF4893 DSCF4931 DSCF4942 DSCF4944 DSCF4963 DSCF4965


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