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April 24, 2015

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Saint Crispins Launches at Skoaktiebolaget

Saint Crispins

Saint Crispins just launched at Skoaktiebolaget and I think that it is great for all parties involved. What I like most is that Skoab (as they are know for short) is always creating things that are slightly different so I greatly look forward to their exclusive make ups. That being, great content on TSS to come!! And I still haven’t forgot, but I will soon do my write up on my SC boots that I made in collaboration with them a few months back. Stay tuned for that I wish everyone a great weekend!

All pictures courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget.

Saint-Crispins-104-CRU5872-GE8-Classic-F-01 Saint-Crispins-105-CRU603-GE8-Classic-G-01 Saint-Crispins-522FC-CRU999-GE8-Classic-F-01 Saint-Crispins-524FC-CRU5384-GE8VIB-Riva-F-01 Saint-Crispins-539-CRU606-GE8-Classic-F-01 Saint-Crispins-546FC-CRUG800-GE8-Chiseled-F-01 Saint-Crispins-645-CRU611-GE8-Chiseled-F-01 Saint-Crispins-Boots-Inca

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