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Aubercy’s Updated Button Boot – Lawrence II



Aubercy has recently updated their classic button boot model, the Lawrence, by adding some sharper lines and dips to the balmoral feature of the boot. The new design is something quite unique to Aubercy and is a feature that they also had on one of their two toned oxford models that I had shown HERE way back when I visited them 3 years ago. Seeing it on the boot makes me appreciate the design even more as I think it suits the boot pattern better than the shoe and also quite separates themselves to the design of the other button boots out there. On top of that, I love the patina detail on the toe and heels as it really shows the depth of the shade of wine/burgundy and pairs great with that purple/blue suede.

But of course great things like this are never a surprise when it comes to the design capabilities of Aubercy…. as we all know by now!

Lawrence-2-Ensemble-11-1024x683 Lawrence-2-Face1-1024x683 Lawrence-2-Profil1-1024x683

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