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May 25, 2015

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Edward Green for the Spring!

Edward Green for the Spring!

When I have a spare 5-10 minutes and am heading towards my cobbler, I always pop my head into the shop on Jermyn st. to see what they have recently cooked up for new models/colorways. Recently I had those spare minutes so took the time to go see their new S/S stock which consisted of many new interesting things. While EG is quite classic in nature of shoe styles, what I really like is that they are not afraid to try their models in many ‘abnormal’ colors, such as blue, green and grey and among the numerous shades of browns they use.

Edward Green for the Spring!

Becoming more and more fan of tassel as I get older (and lazier), I was quite enamored with their new model that came 4 nice colorways, particularly the burgundy. And for those of you in a cult like love for the model, you will be pleased to see that it now comes in two new suede colorways. And just in case you are really going for something different, EG has found a grey grain leather which isnnot something very common, if at all used by anyone else!


Happy Shopping!!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Edward Green for the Spring!

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