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June 17, 2015

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An Interesting Derby by Cordonnerie Deuzet

Cordonnerie Deuzet
It’s always nice to discover new shoemakers and this morning while looking for inspiration on what to write about, I happened to discover Cordonnerie Deuzet of Lausanne, Switzerland. They seem to be a jack-of-all-trades type shoemaker in the sense that they are just shoemakers, but also take repairs, patina and even the tattooing of shoes and pretty sure that they don’t just take their own shoes but any brand for that matter. Makes sense too as if you are not located in one of the most populated cities with high tourism, it’s hard to stay alive as a shoemaker. They have to diversify themselves. And this is what Deuzet has done.

So I stumbled onto this derby with the leather imprinting on it and I found it to be quite cool, mainly because it adds something to a pattern that I feel is otherwise quite boring (all derbys really, not just this). With a touch of patina too, this derby became quite a stunner. If you are around Switzerland, I advise you to check these guys out as they look to have some promising stuff.

Pictures courtesy of their Tumblr page:

Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet1


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