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June 18, 2015

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Proper Belgian Loafers by Velasca

men-belgian-loafers-brown-suede-leather-leather-sole-ciappacan- velasca1

These are the best actual Belgian loafers that I have ever seen and that is because they have a proper sole to them. I was actually thinking of doing this one day too, but looks like Velasca beat me to it. Oh well! But well done on them as I think that this is the way they should really look. I am not quite so sure why I have such an aversion to paper thin soles or anything that doesn’t really have a proper welt on them but I just am. Maybe it’s because subconsciously I don’t think it is a proper shoe unless it has a proper sole on it. Either way, these are great and I ma happy that someone finally did them. And guess what? They are less than $200. That’s incredible. See the link on their name above, to go to the site. Happy Shopping!

men-belgian-loafers-brown-suede-leather-leather-sole-ciappacan- Velasca men-belgian-loafers-brown-suede-leather-leather-sole-ciappacan- velasca2

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