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What’s On Instagram These Days

What's On Instagram These Days

Saint Crispins



I know that many of you don’t participate in , but I do show many things on there that I don’t manage to get on the blog, as the blog is only a once-a-day activity whereas IG is something that I try to update 1-3 times a day at least (more if I am really in the mood!). Therefore, in the hopes to not deprive those (that don’t participate) of the shoe greatness that I provide on the world’s most famous app, I thought that I would share it on here as well to give you all a taste of what I do there too. And if you don’t have that app, it may be a good time to join as it really is a great to get pics at the action of a single swipe!

What's On Instagram These Days

Allan Baudoin

What's On Instagram These Days

– what I am wearing today!

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