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July 16, 2015

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Correspondent Shoes – Italian Style

Correspondent Shoes2


A friend of mine, who is a great lover of Italian styled shoes (specifically Bontoni and Branchini) and two-tones decided to start his own online distribution channel, ‘Correspondent Shoes,’ selling a handful of brands that cater to those that like things a bit more on the bold side. Some of the shoes on there are quite cool and some of them not so much, but I guess to each his own. The ones highlighted in the post are my favorite. While I am not so familiar with the exact quality of Branchini, I did see the blue string loafers in person and they looked like they had some very comfortable and well made leather. The finishing on the soles looks quite good too and I believe that the majority of shoes on the site are blake rapid (which is a very respectable construction) and a few even being GY welted. And it was good to see a chelsea boot with a brogued wing cap on it, not to mention the derby boot which were right up my alley! Good to see something a bit different.

Correspondent Shoes3 Correspondent Shoes4 Correspondent Shoes5 Correspondent Shoes Correspondent Shoes1 Correspondent Shoes6 Correspondent Shoes7 Correspondent Shoes8


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