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July 29, 2015

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Shoe Art for A and H Mag by Soosan Joon

Shoe Art for A and H Mag by Soosan Joon

I can’t say that I love , not at least what they are calling it these days (you know, that “modern” stuff). But I do very much love , paintings (used to love having Bob Ross put me to sleep with his 30 min painting sessions!!) and anything that takes skill and imagination. I particularly like depictions of men’s style in the drawing/painting/art world. I saw this picture on Instagram the other day on A and H Mag’s account of a smart pair of what looks to be burgundy suede on some white trouser wearing Pitti attendee and I was quite impressed with the artwork. The artist, Soosan Joon, who hails from Brooklyn, has a very cool style when it comes to her “fashion” drawings. I particularly like the line up of smartly dressed men which would make for a great piece to be hanging on the wall. This is my kind of art. Well done Soosan!

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