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August 24, 2015

Boot Season is Coming Soon!

Boot Season is Coming Soon!

Edward Green “Galway” courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget


I realized recently that my collection of shoes was way more catered to the liking of A/W attire. I could say that I don’t know why, but then I think that I would be fooling myself as I know that I love lace boots more than most other styles of shoe. But a good loafer is a strong contender!! Therefore, I am always looking forward to the A/W season, not only for what I will be releasing but for what others will be too. I always hope to see something different and unique from the other makers and I think that as time goes on the other brands are warming up to making more and more balmoral boots when 5-6 years ago, hardly anyone was. Now everyone has them and it’s great! That being, I am keen to see what will be released this season and hope to see more contrasting two tones (as I always do!).

I am also quite excited as after 4 years of trying, I am finally getting a button boot out there on the scene and at only £395/pair. Stay tuned too as I will soon have a pre-sale in the 4 color offerings that we will have in our ! (see 2 of them below)

Boot Season is Coming Soon! Boot Season is Coming Soon!


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