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September 23, 2015

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Ramon Cuberta New Unique Creation


I realized yesterday that my recent posts were on a path of similarity with who I was writing about and who I wanted to write about in the same week, in the fact that they were all Spanish. So I figured, ‘hey, let’s make this a Spanish shoe week!’ That being, allow me to present you Ramon Cuberta’s latest project which is a very creative wingtip adelaide that takes lines/edges (in both pattern, last and sole shaping) to a new level. You can see that everything was very well thought out in this shoe as there are so many symmetries to many of the details that make up the shoes. And it’s one of those shoes that I feel like when you first look at it, you may think ‘well that’s a bit much,’ but the more that I stare at the picture (particularly the one directly below) the more that I start to appreciate every single little detail to it and think, ‘heck yeah, I would wear that shoe all day long!!’ Well done Ramon!!

Scalinv_Oxford_24 RCuberta-JPC_17 Scalinv_Oxford_05 Scalinv_Oxford_09 Scalinv_Oxford_16 Scalinv_Oxford_20 Scalinv_Oxford_19


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