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October 15, 2015

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Patterns – Like for Like by Herring

Patterns - Like for Like by Herring
Herring Shoes have been doing a lot of interesting things these days, particularly in two tones and with the use of cloth. And a blogger that they have teamed up with has done a great job at showing off the product in a that truly allows you to appreciate the combinations that they are coming up with. All too often website photos don’t do the justice that a shoe deserves and this is where the real life “Hero” shots allow for a more real life perspective. Gui Bo of Men Need More Style is a master of making the shoes look real and with such vivid coloring at that, all from what I presume is an iPhone (I need one of those!!). This new model with a green windowpane is simply outrageously cool, especially that men’s tote bag.I need one of those! And while I personally might not put the two together, I would certainly rock them both very hard on separate occasions!

Pictures by Men Need More Style

Patterns - Like for Like by Herring

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